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Service, Trust, Leadership and a Journey

Brilliant, authentic servant leadership perspective!


EYLBook1 A significant goal was reached on April 20th. Sixteen of us in an amazing on-line collaboration published the new book –

Energize Your Leadership.
Discover. Ignite. Break through.

But more than a goal on a project, this was a milestone on a journey, a journey that began a little over two years ago for me. After we initially laid out a structure for the book each of us had a tentative topic for our own chapter. My topic was servant leadership. We were advised to not start writing until the structure was finalized and we had our official topics. But with my situation I felt a need to get a jump on the assignment and so I started to write.

The project hit a point where it needed to reboot.  After the book plan was restructured I had a new tentative topic – authenticity. Again we were told to…

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End the Blame Game

End the Blame Game.

13 Inspirational Quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson

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Sir Alex Ferguson has announced his retirement after almost 27 years in charge of the most iconic Manchester United Football Club. During his successful reign at Old Trafford the team won two

John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA‘s insight:

Now here’s a guy, love him or hate him [no room for ambivalence here, maybe] that welded a cuturally diverse group of millionaire primadonas over many years and produced a winning formula second to none!


Now that’s some leadership, eh!

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Top 5 business lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson | Smarta

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John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA‘s insight:

This seemed rather appropriate, given yesterday’s events. Thanks to my friend Prabhjit Kaur for spotting this!

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Guest Post: Leadership is Creative

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 Alli Polin is one of the most creative friends I have. She is also an authentic and insightful leader, which makes her very qualified to write about creativity in leadership. I thought it could on…

John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA‘s insight:

If you read this great guest post from Alli Pollin, you will see why Leadership is Creative! Reflect on how you are creative within your leadership role!

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Curing the Common Cold of Leadership: Poor Listening

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Leaders today are beset by overwhelming demands – scheduled every 15 minutes through the day, with an incoming barrage of messages via phone, email, texts, and knocks on the door. Who has time

John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA‘s insight:

How to be more mindful … and less basal ganglia!

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Millennials: 3 Characteristics that Define how they Approach the Workplace

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At more than 80 million strong, millennials — those born roughly between 1982 and 2000 — are a true force to be reckoned with in the workplace. Like

John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA‘s insight:

Now this should add to our LWG Bopok Project insight!

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How To Handle Your Critics – Leadership, Sales & Life

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If you are in a leadership position or in a position to influence others you will face critics and detractors. Critics don’t add value. Don’t listen.

John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA‘s insight:

This is a lovely take on handling critics … are you a nail?

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Care to Dare: a challenge to high performance leaders

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Bond with people, be accessible, develop talent, drive change, encourage risk…these are just a few marks of high performance leadership as outlined by George Kohlrieser.

John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA‘s insight:

 Interesting background, interesting points … worth listening!

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The Plateau Effect: Why People Get Stuck…and How to Break Through

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The Plateau Effect is a powerful law of nature that affects everyone. Learn to identify plateaus and break through any stagnancy in your life— from diet and

John Thurlbeck, FCMI FRSA‘s insight:

This is very well worth a watch; has some great ideas and solutions or suggestions [the authors call them Solvents]; and links to leadership in some very profund way … especially for all you ‘tired’ leaders out there!

See on www.slideshare.net

John Thurlbeck

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